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A Message from Dr. Suh

The holiday Season is here.

It seems like just yesterday I was stressing over the January newsletter and now we are already at the end of the year! I’ve received multiple compliments from our patients that read our monthly newsletter and connect with me on a personal level as I share my life stories along with my medical knowledge. My thoughts were that my patients deserve to know a bit of my personal life since I get to know so much about theirs. Now that there are people who look forward to reading the next newsletter and have certain expectations, I feel pressured to come up with good content and I stress over what to write about. Sounds pretty silly doesn’t it? You would think I was a journalist for the New York Times.

We all have stress in our lives, it can come from work related issues, financial problems, raising kids, and even stress about our health. Too much stress can lead to insomnia, fatigue, weight loss or gain, stomach ulcers and even anxiety and depression. We all try to deal with it the best we can without resorting to medications. I find exercising is the best way to relieve stress. It takes my mind off of my stressors and I get to release my stress energy, which causes tension in my body. I also take supplements that help with my adrenal system, which is what regulates our stress hormone, cortisol. Lastly, I try to have a positive attitude and count all the blessings in my life.

This brings me back to Thanksgiving. Even though I am overwhelmed with stresses in my life, I thank God as he has blessed me abundantly with good health, a successful career, and wonderful family, friends and patients. Another recent blessing in my life is winning first place in the Best Doctor category on Best of Western Washington!! Thank you for all those who took time to vote for me.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you can also reflect on all the blessings in your life.

Erik Suh, MD

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