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Diet Soda Linked with Obesity?

How many of us go through a drive through, order a hamburger and fries and then of course go for a diet soda? According to recent research, the “diet” part in diet sodas could actually be contributing to weight gain and diabetes! Artificial sweeteners found in diet soda alters our gut microflora which worsens our ability to lower blood sugar levels.

There is bigger issue, however, that I find more troubling. It is the worsening of our sweet tooth. Like sugar, our consumption of artificial sweeteners like Splenda (sucralose) and Nutrasweet (aspartame) is going up. Our love of sweeteners – even natural ones too like Stevia – shows our addiction to sweetness is only worsening. So if things aren’t as sweet anymore, it doesn’t mean your taste buds don’t work. It means you’ve become tolerant to the sweet taste. Why does that sweet taste have to make us feel so good?! If you find yourself turning to sweets more often, it’s time to find an alternative fix for your fatigue, stress relief, and sweet addiction.

Watch this quick video here and learn from Dr. Michael Corsilles as he explains how artificial sweeteners are contributing to the diabetes and obesity epidemic.