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Functional Intracellular Analysis (FIA) For Nutrient Status

Levels of certain nutrients have historically been measured in the serum. Static measurements, such as serum assays, can be transitory, reflecting an individual’s nutritional status over a narrow window of time. New technology developed by the University of Texas and offered by SpectraCell Laboratories measures the intracellular function of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients within your while blood cells (lymphocytes). Since lymphocytes carry an individuals history for a period of four to six months, these new tests can reveal an individual’s nutrient status over a period of time. The results obtained, therefore, uncover deficiencies that standard serum tests may miss. If not corrected, such deficiencies could impair your health by contributing to the overall development and/or progression of chronic disease. Who should have this test done? In an ideal world, everyone! It is highly recommended for anyone with a chronic illness, such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, those on medications, alcohol consumers, recreational drugs users, smokers, those who have sedentary habits, those who exercise a lot, or for anyone who is concerned about their overall health. Most insurances cover this test with a nominal co-pay at the time of testing.

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