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Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Patients,

fathers dayHappy Father’s Day! June is always a special month for me as I get to celebrate that I am a dad. I think I appreciate this more than my birthday, especially since my kids are so young. Sydney
is so excited that she can’t keep a secret of what she got me for father’s day. She is a daddy’s girl for sure. My boys are getting old enough to enroll in sports now.
Ethan just started U-4 micro-soccer. He runs with his head to the ground. It’s cute to see him run with his head to the ground, not knowing which way the opponent’s goal is.

Cheesy Mastercard commercial, but let me try this:

Student loans to become a doctor :

Years of school and training after high school to become a doctor:
12 years

Average work week plus being on call for patients nights and weekends : 80 hours/week

Building your own practice and being able to block out your schedule so you can coach your son’s soccer : PRICELESS.

Dad’s, please spend some time with your kids and celebrate with me
the joy of being a father!


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