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Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2012. You were very good to us. Welcome 2013. Hope you will be even better.

A new year brings a new beginning. I love this part of the year as I start to plan out what my goals are for the rest of the year. Usually I have both business and personal goals.

For business, obvious goals are to increase our patient volume and patient satisfaction. We don’t do a formal survey, but we often get reviews. Some reviews are praises, but some are constructive criticism on how we can be better. And rest assured we are always striving to improve for you. If you have something to say or have an idea, please do me a favor and send us a review! Another goal is to increase our clinical environment that promotes patient advocacy. I often hear from loyal patients that they love coming here because we know who they are. We know their name and what they need. We don’t treat them like a number, or a chart, or a disease. They appreciate that we don’t just push prescription medication, but talk more about health, diet, supplements, exercise, and many more alternative options. Know that we are not just your physicians, but your health advocate!

For personal goals, I would like to get back into training to be a triathlete. Having three young kids at home and moving our clinic last year left no time for me to workout. But no excuses. My personal goal this year is to do an Olympic distance triathlon. I also want to try something different that I have never done before. If you know me, I am pretty adventurous. Any suggestion on what I should do?

Whatever your goals are this year, I hope your new year will be full of hope, prosperity, and blessings. Cheers to our health and thank you for choosing us to serve you as your health advocate!


Erik Suh

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