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HydraFacials: The Best Skin of Your Life

Don’t you just love the way your car looks when you pull out of the carwash? Not only does it look shiny and sparkling, but you also feel great knowing it looks brand new again. Why don’t we treat our skin with this kind of maintenance? After all, it’s the first thing people see about us. Fresh, glowing skin not only looks great, but it’s physically healthy to maintain it, and nothing beats feeling like we look our best.

Most people think of facials as a treat or a luxury, but the condition of our skin should actually be considered health maintenance. HydraFacials treat, maintain, and prevent further damage and aging.

This magical treatment can address everything from discoloration, dehydration, acne, and uneven skin tone. Your skin will be detoxified, rejuvenated, clarified, and protected.

What exactly is a HydraFacial? What all is involved?

HydraFacials are medical grade facials with 3 steps that create an instant glow with healthy looking and feeling skin. A hydradermabrasion wand is used to remove impurities while also delivering the special cleansing and nourishing skincare boosters.

First, your skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated to uncover a new layer of skin with a relaxing resurfacing. Next, the hydradermabrasion device painlessly vacuums out pores while simultaneously infusing your skin with serums to brighten and moisturize the skin. Lastly, your skin is saturated with antioxidants and peptides to plump and protect your skin.

After your treatment, your skin looks dewy and feels squeaky clean. After the exfoliation, your skin resurfaces itself smoother than before. With your pores completely free of debris, your skin can breathe again. The customized skincare boosters replenish your skin with what it needs for optimized skin health.

Like all other maintenance and preventative health measures, HydraFacials are recommended on a regular basis to keep your skin healthy and aid in being proactive in avoiding costly anti-aging treatments down the road. Because we at Suh Esthetics care about your skin health, we offer complimentary monthly HydraFacials to all of our Suh Esthetics program members! Interested in becoming a member? Call 425-998-9227 to find out how!

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