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Providers & Staff

Suh Esthetics is comprised of providers and staff that know what it means to work as a team. We strive to make each member of our team just as important and crucial to provide the best care that our patients deserve. You will feel the difference the moment you step into our clinic that this place is special. From the modern zen look of our reception area to our friendly staff that will greet you as you walk in, you will get a sense that we take pride in our work and services.

Beyond our friendly staff, you will be even more impressed with our providers that practice integrated style of medicine. Integrative medicine is combining multiple disciplines from allopathic or Western medicine to naturopathic or Eastern medicine and offering our patients options of treatment that suits their needs. Our providers take a natural approach to reach your beauty needs by making customized suggestions to enhance your natural beauty. Which is why your decision is an integral part of the treatment and you will ultimately let the providers work for you.

What more can providers offer? Dr. Erik Suh, founder of Eastside Primary Care and Wellness and now Suh Esthetics realizes that there are 3 important elements that makes us happy : Family, Health, and Beauty. Besides the obvious importance of family and health, Dr. Suh realizes the importance of beauty to our happiness as large portion of everyone’s time and money goes into how we look. By providing full non-surgical medical spa services, you have a medical home that can address your medical needs as well as your esthetic needs.

Our team approach to treating you will give you a very unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. Come visit us and meet our fabulous team.