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InMode Fractora Fractional

Suh Esthetics of Bellevue offers a variety of cosmetic dermatology procedures like Fractora Fractional skin resurfacing to aid in skin tightening and rejuvenation using fractionated energy. Fractora Fractional is able to slow the effects of aging and restore your skin, so you can look and feel younger. Fractora Fractional is the perfect treatment for reducing fine or deep lines, tightening the skin, reducing red and brown spots, and improving skin texture. 

What Does Fractora Fractional Help With? 

Fractora Fractional delivers improvements for the broadest range of symptoms of aging skin. Fractora Fractional can improve fine or deep lines, texture, pigment irregularities, blood vessels and redness in a single treatment by resurfacing the skin; in fact, Fractora Fractional offers improvements for aging skin that would normally require two, three or even four different technologies. 

How Does It Work? 

Fractora Fractional is Bellevue’s first bipolar radio-frequency fractional skin treatment. It delivers bipolar RF energy to the skin through an array of pin electrodes. RF current flows between the pins creating zones of ablation, coagulation and heating. The gentle heating of sub dermal tissue promotes collagen restructuring for a deep treatment effect. The untreated skin around the ablation zones promotes fast healing of the micro-lesions to minimize patient down time. 

Fractora Fractional can be used to:

  • Reduce fine or deep lines
  • Tighten skin 
  • Acne scarring 
  • Reduce red and brown spots 
  • Improve skin texture 

Some results can be seen immediately, but typically results are seen two weeks after treatment and continue up to three months after treatment. Between one and four treatments is expected with Fractora Fractional. Call Suh Esthetics today to book your complimentary consultation to see if Fractora Fractional would be right for you.