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Wellness Programs

Whole-Person Wellness

At Eastside Primary Care, we realize the impact stress can play in our busy lives. We strive to focus on treating the whole person which starts with a thorough wellness program. Every person should be engaged in a daily wellness program, which can include a clean, healthy diet and exercise routine armed with stress reduction techniques. However, many simply don’t know what they should be doing in regards to health.

Our wellness program can include a basic general physical exam that includes blood work like screening for diabetes, thyroid disorders and measuring cholesterol, then move on to how to optimize your health. We offer specialized testing such as hormone level testing (like estrogen, testosterone, cortisol and melatonin), food sensitivity and allergy testing, and vitamin or nutrient level testing, and will offer our expertise on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For some people, they can benefit with a customized detoxification program or a specific weight loss program.