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Whole-Person Wellness

At Suh Esthetics, we don’t just care about how you look on the outside, we care about how you feel on the inside. Health and beauty are both very important and necessary for overall well-being and can affect both physical and mental functioning. It’s important to prioritize both health and beauty in a balanced way. A healthy lifestyle coupled with quality supplementation and skincare products can improve both your health and your appearance. Along with our esthetic products and procedures that keep you looking like your younger self, we strive to keep you feeling like your younger self too! Beyond encouraging a good diet and exercise, we offer various services and supplements to help keep you happy and healthy. 

Trying to avoid catching a cold before traveling? Come in for an immunity boosting vitamin shot or IV.

Trying to recover quickly from a sports injury? Come in for an hour in our Hyperbaric Chamber.

Trouble getting to sleep at night? Try our “Concierge Choice Calm” supplement with Magnesium and GABA to promote rest.

Wellness Services and products
Oxygen Therapy

Eastside Primary Care and Wellness / Suh Esthetics is home to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wellness in Bellevue, Washington. Hyperbaric chambers are used to deliver higher oxygen concentration to your body vs. just breathing air at regular pressure.


Sometimes you need a boost of energy or a quick way to alleviate symptoms you’re experiencing. IV therapy is a popular choice for men and women on the go. Dr. Suh and his team of highly trained professionals offer IV therapy to treat a variety of conditions such as exhaustion, sleep deprivation, common cold and flu symptoms, and even lighten pigmentation on the skin.


Although the skin has many essential needs to maintain a healthy young look and feel, meeting some basic daily needs creates the foundation of daily skin care. There are four essential steps: cleanse, tone, protect, and hydrate. We have the products to help you with these four steps.


Eastside Primary Care & Wellness is your Bellevue area health and wellness doctor for nutritional counseling. As your supplement specialist, we carry a number of hypoallergenic, well-absorbed health and wellness supplements for a variety of conditions. offers a curated selection of high-quality products, discover products that will enhance your wellness and beauty.