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Lunch in the bathroom is safer than lunch at your desk!

I had a hard time believing this news. According to Dr Charles Gerba, aka, “Dr. Germ,” you’re safer eating your lunch off a toilet seat than the average office desk. Yuck.

Here’s the deal: the bathrooms get cleaned regularly, most people don’t clean their office desk unless they spill coffee on it. The desk in your office is loaded with bacteria, germs and even fecal bacteria (I don’t even want to know how this happens). After reading this research, I suggest that you don’t eat your lunch in either location. Better still, clean your desk regularly with a sanitizing wipe. According to research, cleaning your office work space with sanitizing wipes can reduce work absenteeism by 30%.

Weekend tip: My favorite sanitizing wipes are Cleanwell all natural hand sanitizer. They use plant oils that kill 99.99% of germs. The best part? It doesn’t dry your skin.Click here to get 30% off your purchase. Use code DE30.

To your health,
Deborah Enos, CN
The One Minute (or less) Wellness Coach

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