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Coparate Wellness News

Controlling skyrocketing healthcare costs is important priority-particularly for employers. To help control costs, physicians need to urge employers to increase focus on the wellness and prevention, yet we have not given an outline or policies promoting this agenda and the employer’s expanded role.

The consensus is that while governments have been held responsible for a population’s health, government alone cannot prevent the spread of chronic disease. The workplace is seen as an important focal point for successful prevention strategies, and employers are seen as being able to influence individual behavior by providing a supportive environment and leveraging to offer low-cost but effective interventions.

There is emerging evidence to the employers that have instituted wellness and prevention programs have seen a clear return on their investment in terms of improved worker productivity or reduced absenteeism. That means programs to promote screenings, smoking cessation, weight loss, and regular exercise.

Let us know if your workplace is interested in starting a wellness program. We can help.