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Dear Patients

I hope everyone is enjoying one of the best summers I have experience since moving up here from Texas 14 years ago. Yes, the weather has been nice and I have enjoyed lot of outdoor activities with my family. Yes, the business has been steady this summer instead of slowing down like it usually does. Yes, my dad so far is colon cancer free and we enjoyed some family time without any worry for the first time in couple of years.

erik_fitBut, you know what really made this summer one of the best? It was turning 45 year old last month and feeling and looking my best in several years. I have more energy than I had in a few years, I have the motivation to work out again, and I have slimmed down and fit better in my very slim clothes that my wife, who was in fashion merchandising, has been buying for me lately. It’s not just friends that have noticed, but also our patients.

I have been diagnosing and treating my male and female patients for low testosterone and most have noticed a pretty dramatic change in their lives. Most of the common symptoms of fatigue, depressed mood, decreased muscle mass and strength, low libido, and increased body fat seem to improve with testosterone replacement. Of course I have been checking my own testosterone levels for several years and sure enough saw the level trending downward, and I was having these same symptoms myself. I decided to start testosterone replacement myself for the past 6 months and have noticed these benefits. Recently I did the Sea Fair Sprint Triathlon, which includes a 1/2 mile swim, 13 miles of cycling, and a 3 mile run. It felt good to be out there to be racing and competing. The best part was on my home stretch to the finish, my son Aedan ran out to the middle of the course for a hug. Instinctively I just picked him up and finished the course with him in my arms.

So, if you have any of low testosterone symptoms I described, get your levels checked.

You don’t have to grow old graciously. You can slow it down with hormone replacement therapy. It’s the anti-aging movement and it’s not just a fad.

It’s been a great summer.

Hope you are enjoying it and making memories as well!!!

Erik Suh

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