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Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Patients,

After having 3 kids of my own, I feel like I am a veteran dad now. I am even starting to get grey hairs to prove it . In my life there is nothing that seems to age me faster than having kids. I spend most of my free time cleaning up after them, feeding them, playing with them, and then falling asleep with them. I don’t think I aged this fast in medical school!

Suh Family

However, when I look at my kids’ face and see how they look at me, I melt. I feel like a super hero the way they always ride my back, and have me throw them in the air. I love how I can hold them, have their head buried in my chest, and make them feel protected. And if I wasn’t turning 44 next month, I would seriously consider having one more!!

Now only if I had more energy, I would feel like a real super hero. Fatigue is a very common symptom of aging, and that includes me. And for men, one of the reasons could be low testosterone. I highly recommend having your levels checked if you are fatigued and over 40 years old. Treatment for low testosterone can vary depending on the patient and their age. If you don’t know your number, come in for an evaluation. We can share our numbers together.

Cheers to all our super hero dads!!

-Erik Suh