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Happy Independence Day!!

Right now, I am on an airplane with my family traveling to Dallas to visit my parents. My kids are finally asleep and I have some time to myself to write this newsletter. I wish I could tell you I was going down there for a vacation to have fun and relax, but I would be lying. The truth is that my dad has metastatic colon cancer that has spread to his bladder, and is going through chemo. I am flying down to encourage my dad and to give him moral support as he battles his cancer.< 107

I am torn with mixed emotions. I am happy that I am taking my family to spend some time with my parents and see my childhood friends again. I am mad that my dad did not listen and get his colonoscopy until it was too late. I am sad for not knowing how much longer I have to spend time with him. I am praying that God gives me more time before He takes him.

We are about to land so I will leave with two pieces of advice. First, be on time with your annual physical and preventative screening. I am not trying to nag you, but trying to save your life. There is nothing worse for a physician than to see their patient struggling with their health because they ignored our advice. Perhaps the only thing worse is if a patient is your family member. Second, spend more time with your parents. As I grow older and have family of my own, precious memories are all that is going to remain when they are gone.

I wish you a great and safe 4th of July weekend and I will see you soon when I fly back home to Seattle in a week!!