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Happy May and Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!Recently I was surrounded by the most amazing mothers on stage at the Mrs. Washington International Pageant. As the pageant director, another fun venture I have embarked on, I got to know their personal stories. These contestants are cancer and stroke survivors, community leaders, and activists in health, business, and other non-profit organizations. What was most impressive about this empowered group of women is the fact they are already acting as role models for mothers and community leaders for the younger generation. I was very proud to be among them helping them look and feel their best.

What I also realized during the preparation for the pageant is that behind successful women are very supportive husbands.The so-called “pageant husbands” are a good group of guys that rallied behind their wives with support and encouragement. They too are great role models of what husbands should be. My wife, Minnie, hears this from me all the time: I want you to be supportive of whatever I do and be my encouragement. So, I learned that it’s not always the supportive wives for the husbands – it goes both ways. After 8 years of marriage I am still learning, and of all places, running a beauty pageant! View it on Facebook

I wish everyone a great Mother’s Day. Be good to your mom and your wife. And please check out our Mother’s Day specials below!

Erik Suh