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Happy Mother’s Day!!

I have elevated my appreciation for Mom’s this year.

I see how much work it is for my wife Minnie to raise our 3 young children. She devotes her life taking care of our kids. I know there are lots of moms out there that do the same and I celebrate you!!

I want to introduce a special mom today, Mrs. Elizabeth Gibbons, the current Mrs. Washington International. She has become a spokeswoman for our clinic as she had taken to heart our clinic mission: Family, Health, and Beauty. She has written a very inspirational testimony I want to share with you below. Hope you enjoy reading and get inspired to live for your family, but also for a healthy and beautiful you inside and out!!


Dr.Erik Suh

I remember last Mother’s Day: I had just moved back to the Seattle area, was looking for a new home, had just celebrated my son’s third birthday and my 4th wedding anniversary all in the same week. To say that the day’s events were anti-climatic is an understatement! Isn’t that usually how it goes as mothers? We tend to put the needs of our family first before we take care of or celebrate ourselves.

Over the past year, I have learned how dangerous that can be. As a Go Red for Women Ambassador, I encounter women, like me, who often don’t stop to recognize the importance of being healthy for our own sake. Many suffered cardiac events, say that they are lucky to be alive and have now made dramatic changes to their lifestyles. Since heart disease claims the lives of 1 in 3 American women and I have history of heart disease in my family, last November I sought the counsel of Eastside Primary Care and Wellness. I had my yearly physical and decided to lose 30 pounds. Was it easy? No. Is there a magic pill? No. But with the lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise prescribed, I had gotten to my goal weight by my 44th birthday at the end of February.

Here’s where it gets interesting: In mid-February I went to a Go Red for Women event where a representative from the Mrs. Washington International Pageant was also present. She suggested I enter the pageant to be held in early March. Frankly, I thought she was nuts, but mentioned the prospect of entering to my husband who said, “Go for it!” Well, I did and I won! I really surprised myself since I thought as a woman in my 40’s that my time is the spotlight had certainly passed. This is another lesson I’ve learned this year: why should I relegate myself to mediocrity just because I’m a stay at home mom, wife and woman of a “certain age”? Why not celebrate my life, my family and my involvement in my community all while presenting the best version of myself possible?

Once again I turned to Eastside Primary Care and Wellness as I embraced this idea and began preparation for the Mrs. International Pageant to be held this July. We decided to trim another 15 pounds via the HCG diet and started a comprehensive esthetic plan utilizing IPL, Skintyte, Hydrafacials, Botox, Juvederm and Latisse for eyelashes. This sounds like an episode of the “Real Housewives” and it could have turned out that way, except Arienne and Dr. Suh understand how to maximize one’s features versus making, shall I say, new ones. I was a little hesitant to try these therapies, but I am amazed at how vibrant and firm my skin looked almost immediately. I am thrilled with the results even after only one treatment with the Skintyte that was used on my neck and jowl area which had begun to slacken. I can feel my skin tightening and am certain that I see a difference already. Hydrafacials are my new favorite skin treat since I love how soft and plump my skin looks afterwards. The treatment takes only about 20 minutes in comparison to an hour long traditional facial that yields only a fraction of the benefits. I cannot express enough (pardon the pun), how incredible Botox and Juvederm are as cosmetic treatments. Dr. Suh used 25% less product than I have used in the past (nice cost savings) and created a better, while still very natural, result. Love it! And, if you have never tried Latisse, this is my new “desert island” product. My lashes were short and sparse especially after the birth of my son. Now, everyone thinks that he got his gorgeous lashes from me!

Overall, I look, feel and, more importantly, am healthier than I’ve ever been. Thank you, Dr. Suh and Dr. Corsilles and the entire staff of Eastside Primary Care and Wellness for giving me the gift of health and beauty this Mother’s Day!

Elizabeth Gibbons, Mrs.Washington