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Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

I am a very lucky guy.

I have a very loving wife and 2 beautiful kids. They love to spend time with me, especially my daughter Sydney. She gets so excited to see me when I come home.

She yells out ” PAA”, jumps up and down, and gives me the biggest hug.

I feel very loved.

At work, I am surrounded by people that I truly love like my own family. I enjoy coming to work and spending time with them. And our family is growing, with our MA Shannon about to have her baby soon. We should open up Suh daycare with all the babies that we will be having !!

I do have to share one trait that I have, which I bet lot of you also have. One of my faults is that I don’t always express my love for them. I am fairly quiet when it comes to communicating my feelings to people who are important in my life. This goes toward my parents, my brothers, my wife, friends, and my staff. I don’t always show my affection or appreciation to them for how they make me feel, which is that I am a very lucky guy.

So, let’s do it together. This Valentine, let’s not just give each other flowers and chocolates, and gifts.

Lets give each other show of affection and appreciation to our loved ones by telling them. Let us shower our loved one with affection and appreciation with our words as well.


Dr. Erik H. Suh MD