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A Message from Dr. Suh

Dear Patients,

Go Seahawks!!

Is everyone on cloud nine since we won the Superbowl? I sure am. I didn’t know I could have this much love for a football team other than my Dallas Cowboys.

Why did I fall in love with the Seahawks?

The number one reason is Russell Wilson.

I like a guy who is an underdog, overcomes obstacles, and proves himself to be the best. He did it with hard work and earning the respect of his teammates to be the leader. He let his success do the talk, not talking down to those that doubted him. He is humble enough to give glory to God, to credit those around him, and to give back to his community. What is not to love about this guy?

The second reason is this team of unproven, young talent that believed in themselves, went up against the bigger teams with more money and bigger facilities, and proved to the world that they can beat them and be the best.

The third reason is the 12th man. The fans by far are the best in the league. The love and support is felt all over the city. It is contagious! Even if you don’t follow football, you feel the energy of the 12th man and all of a sudden, you have Seahawk fever. It’s more contagious than the flu!!

OK. So what do the Seahawks have to do with my newsletter?

Well, I can see myself as Russell Wilson of the healthcare battle. My colleagues and mentors thought I was crazy nine years ago when I told them I am starting a solo practice. They tried to discourage me and doubted that I was able to survive in a troubled economy and changing healthcare. I put in long hours and hard work and surrounded myself with young talent just coming out of school. We became work family, struggled together, and learned to depend and trust each other. And after 7 years of dedication, we won our Superbowl, which was to be voted Top Doctor in Bellevue in both Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met by my own peers. We accrued the most loyal fan/patient base that helped us to get voted in for both Best of Western Washington and Best of 425. We beat out doctors from big institutions such as Evergreen, Children’s, Swedish, Overlake Hospital. We could have not gotten here without the great staff we have plus the love, support, and encouragement from you who believed in us.

So, let’s cheer for the Seahawks!!

And let’s hear it for EPCW!!

Erik Suh