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More On Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a very important antioxidant that is essential to our body.

Unfortunately, research has shown nearly 75 % of people in Seattle might have deficient levels, especially in the winter months. It has been linked to higher risk of depression, fatigue, breast cancer, heart disease, bone loss, and many more. Now that we have pushed our patients to use sunscreen for protection against skin cancer and anti-aging of the skin, we have seen vitamin D levels go down even lower even in the summer months. Cholesterol molecule is converted to vitamin D in our skin by sunlight.

Currently, we do not suggest that everyone go get a tan and to stop using sunscreens due to risk of skin cancer and skin aging as mentioned above. However, we do need to take vitamin D supplements in addition to good healthy diet rich in vitamin D.

400 IU a day is the current recommended dose but I believe this standard is too low. You should get a blood test to see if your level is low and then we can determine what dose you need to be on according to your level.

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