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Positive changes this summer!

Dear Patients,

It has been a couple of months since our last newsletter and blog post.

Have you missed us? I hope so.

We are getting back on track after taking some time off to regroup.

The last 2 months have been a very difficult time for our clinic due to several issues. We had one staff member resign from her position, one was on maternity leave, and one is currently very pregnant and almost due !! So you can imagine what havoc this could cause in such a small clinic with a support staff of 4 with 2 providers. So I sincerely apologize if there has been any incidence of missed calls, emails, or late responses from us on messages or prescription refills.

We have added a RN to replace the MA we lost and potentially are going to be adding another MA to our team after the slow summer months. We are also in the process of adding 2 more phone lines to our current phone system so our patients can better access our staff. Our website and emails have all been updated as well.

Well, that is about all that I have to report so far on the changes in your clinic.

On a more personal note, a lot of our patients ask me about my kids. Well, Sydney and Ethan, are growing up fast, and time is flying by.

Here is an Easter picture we took at Bellevue Square this year.

Anyway, I will have more useful information that pertains to your health in next months newsletter.

My best regards,

Dr. Erik Suh