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Tech Addicts

I know I’m not alone when it comes to my love of gadgets. I admit, I’m a technology addict. I can’t help it. These gadgets today are just so cool. You can pretty much do everything from a smart phone – Internet, email, angry birds, videos, and oh yeah, phone calls too (but who talks on the phone nowadays?) At least I’m trying to cut back on my use. Unfortunately, most everyone relies on these gadgets multiple times a day. Even my mom is on Facebook. She loves that she can chat with relatives in the Philippines daily, or even hourly. Technology has made it effortless to reconnect with each other. Unfortunately, what I’ve observed is that technology is actually causing a more disconnect in our society.

Too often we’re glued to our technology. They have become essential parts of our lives, and we simply can’t live without it. When we’re at a restaurant, at a doctor’s visit (hint hint), or even with family at the dining room table at home, we’re never fully in the moment. We may be there physically, but we try to multitask by texting, emailing, sifting through news, and having a conversation – all at the same time! We’re “there” but not there in the moment. So even though we think we’re multitasking effectively, we end up doing many tasks poorly. Our ability to focus is being undermined by this sensory overload of multitasking. Ever click on an Internet link and end up having multiple windows left open? You might start out reading on the newest cholesterol medication, but end up reading about the latest vampire movie somehow.

Don’t get me wrong, email and social media is the best way to keep in touch as well as to market your business, but unless you’re creating an email to coworkers or generating business for your company, it’s time to taper yourself off of technology.

I pose a challenge this holiday season: don’t check email or Facebook in the morning. See how hard it’ll be for you, and you’ll realize how addicted you are. But notice that with that extra time in the morning, you’ll be more productive to focus on creativity rather than spending time responding to emails or the latest Facebook posts. You’ll have a lot more free time to spend with friends, family and loved ones. So get back in that Holiday spirit and give them your undivided attention!

Michael Corsilles, ND, PA-C