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You Are the Average of Your 7 Closest Friends

Think of your 7 closest friends. You likely have the same tastes, follow the same religion, dress similarly and spend money on the same things. Your 7 closest friends usually are the same when it comes to health as well. For example, smokers tend to hang around smokers. As parents or children, we all know this. This is why our parents say, “don’t hang out with that bad crowd” because parents know you will be like those you associate with. This is why it makes sense to hang out with successful people, whether successful when it comes to wealth, health or intelligence. If I’m at a dinner event, I try to sit at a table where I’m the dumbest one at the table. If I’m the smartest one at the table, we’re in trouble! I focus on learning from those who are successful. The same holds true when it comes to your health. How would you feel if an overweight doctor told you to lose weight? Listen to those who have done well, and you will succeed too. Hang around people who are successful, and you will end up thinking and acting like them. If you find that your 7 closest friends are not healthy, I know it’s harsh to say, but you simply need to elevate your game and find new friends (or improve the ones you have!). If you start exercising more like joining a new gym, you will end up making new friends who are doing the same healthy thing. If you bring your own healthy lunch instead of eating fast food, you’ll notice you’ll associate more with these people who are doing the exact same thing. So think of your 7. Look at their personal relationships, financial situation, as well as their waist size. If they are just like you, but you want to make an improvement, then you must find it in yourself to get better!

Michael Corsilles, ND, PA-C