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Why we still recommend the HCG diet

I’ve had a number of patients do great on the HCG program, dropping about 1/2 pound to 1 pound per day during the 40 day program without any side effects (other than constipation on occasion). However, I’ve also had patients gain all that weight plus more a few months later. This is the drawback. They revert to their old habits. If you drop the pounds, you have to change your mindset afterwards. It’s like folks who eventually fail gastric bypass b/c they go back to old cravings and poor diet habits. The HCG diet works. Short term. But I always emphasize with every HCG patient the importance of breaking old habits and establishing and maintaining new diet and exercise habits. Repeat quick fixes ultimately aren’t the way to achieve long term results. But the HCG program is a nice way to jump start yourself to your weight goal! Learn HCG basics on my blog here:


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